Maureen Glass
    Maureen Glass

    "I partner with clients to get them unstuck and moving again. As your coach, I work with you to figure out and articulate your goals and then, together, we work to achieve them. I move you from where you are to where you want to be. I help you spend your time and precious energy on what matters to you. I help you get aligned with your values which truly enhance your life. We can even work on and determine your true life purpose."

    Location: Westmont, Illinois
    How will clients benefit with you as their coach?
    My clients will benefit by gaining:
    • A partner to support you in determining and creating your best life
    • Structure and focus needed for you to stay in action
    • Purpose, direction and clarity
    • Meaning and fulfillment
    • Less stress and worry
    • Better, healthier relationships
    • Maximizing your personal and professional potential
    • Support in the actions that you will take to determine and achieve your goals. Often these actions are relatively small, but make a tremendous impact
    • Work/life balance
    • Strengthen your leadership presence and effectiveness
    • Access to state-of-the-art coaching techniques, tools and resources
    What are 5 strengths you have as a coach?
    • A solid career in association management so I know the association world
    • Intuitive, insightful, excellent listener, can hear what’s being said between the lines
    • Excellent coach training and possess state-of-the-art coaching tools
    • Quickly build trust with client to help them achieve goals
    • Easy to talk to, great sense of humor
    What do clients say about working with you?

    I get feedback both from my clients and often their bosses. Clients experience less stress; they build more capacity for their work and lives; they become more engaged in their jobs; they are happier, more peaceful; they feel able to meet their goals. They have more confidence and some find their voice. Bosses report positive changes in relationships, communication, leadership presence, increased confidence; easier to work with, and more. Typically the client and I create an action plan, approved by the boss, and the coaching is targeted to that action plan. We meet together at the end of the engagement to discuss and celebrate the results.

    What types of people do you typically coach?

    I can coach all types of people. I coach executives, men and women, and I coach anyone who wants to gain the benefits of working with a coach.

    What is your professional background?

    Prior to becoming an executive coach, Maureen was a senior executive within major associations, such as the American College of Healthcare Executives, the National Association of Realtors and the National Safety Council. She is a successful executive experienced in general management, product development, marketing and sales with P&L accountability. Maureen successfully grew a business from $1.6 million in sales to over $6 million. Under her leadership, the organization developed new product lines including print and digital products. Maureen has successfully worked through numerous business issues in the constantly changing and increasingly demanding workplace.

    Throughout her 30-year career, Maureen has effectively worked with Boards, reporting business results to Board members through reports, interactions and presentations. Maureen served on the Board of Directors of the Association Media & Publishing (formerly the Society of National Association Publications). She has also served on the Board of Directors and committee leadership roles of the Association Forum of Chicagoland. Maureen is a skilled public speaker and has presented presentations at numerous state-wide association meetings.

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    Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

    The Career Coaching service matches individuals with a personal coach--a confidant, champion, and challenger who will help you:
    • Gain personalized guidance through job transitions
    • Prepare and navigate through your annual reviews
    • Leverage your behavioral and professional strengths effectively
    • Diagnose reasons for career dissatisfaction
    • Learn how to take action in networking, interviewing, and taking on new opportunities
    With Career Coaching you can:
    • Learn how your behavioral style affects those you work with
    • Build a compelling value proposition for a potential employer
    • Manage change more effectively
    • Overcome hurdles that impede success
    • Sustain professional success and maintain balance
    • Get ongoing support through all phases of your career

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