Reference Checking

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    Find out what your references are really saying about you.

    • Know what your past employers are telling your prospective employers
    • Head off questionable references before they hurt your chances
    • Use an independent, third-party resource to do your investigation
    You know potential employers will be calling, but do you know what your references will say?

    Get your references checked, confidentially and professionally. Be confident your past employers are helping, not hurting, your candidacy.

    Note: Reference checking and employment verification interviews are conducted by experienced professionals who use complete discretion when contacting your references. We guarantee your confidentiality and will not reveal you are the source of the reference request. All interviews are conducted by phone unless you request otherwise.

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    Reference Check: Professional

    An experienced member of our staff conducts all of our job reference checking service/ employment verification interviews via phone, unless required to be done in writing by the client or reference. All professional reference checking report levels will include a discussion of the employee's strengths and weaknesses, and a fifteen point numerically-based Performance Evaluation. Professional reference checking research topics include:
    • Employment verification and verification of dates of employment
    • Employment Verification of position title held
    • Eligibility status for rehire
    • Reason for separation
    • Recommendation for another position / role
    • Leadership
    • Oral Communication
    • Written Communication
    • Long-Term Planning
    • Short-Term Planning
    • Managerial Skills
    • Decision Making
    • Productivity
    • Employee Relations
    • Budget Administration
    • Technical Skills
    • Integrity
    • Crisis Management
    • Interpersonal Relations
    • Overall Performance

    Members: $79.20
    Non Members: $99.00
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    Reference Check: Executive

    In addition to everything asked during a Professional reference check, the Executive Level job reference checking service includes two (2) additional questions:
    • A discussion of the employee's ability to attract and mentor top talent.
    • The confirmation of last level of compensation / salary.

    Members: $99.20
    Non Members: $124.00
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